Social actions


Zimi Psachnon

Local community

Respect and support for the local community is a long tradition that has started since the establishment of the company. The basic recruitment and employment policy of the company is the locality, ie the selection of employees from the local community, as long as they meet the criteria of the job.

Evoiki Zymi has made its facilities available to schools, where with scheduled appointments, students of local schools visit and are guided and gain knowledge on how to produce and store the products they and their families consume daily . The ability of students to learn through experience was the driving force for this initiative.


Zimi Psachnon


Sponsorships contribute to the realization of cultural, humanitarian, environmental, sporting and social events. They are manifested in the form of financial support, in-kind support or the provision of services by the Evoiki Zimi. The contribution is important because it follows a logic of repeatability, continuity and consistency.

We support social groceries in municipalities of Evia and not only, meals, NGOs, sports clubs and sports or artistic events.

Our ties with the local community are very strong and we sensitize our human resources to issues related to the value of volunteering, sports and competition.

We take initiatives and take actions aimed at improving the quality of life of sick social groups by providing help and solutions to restore their standard of living.