Our company starts on the island of Evia with the brand name ‘’Zimarika Psachnon’’. Our vision is to create delicious pasta products with the purest ingredients and the traditional recipes of our ancestors.


The company is growing and enriches its product range with fillo pastry, pies and more.


The company becomes public (SA). Τhe brand ‘’Zimi Psachnon’’ represents the frozen filo pastry and the brand ‘’Zimarika Psachnon’’ represents the traditional pasta products.


Launch of the new 3700m2 facilities with the latest technological equipment and fully trained staff.


Our products with brand name Zimi Psachnon and Zimarika Psachnon are available throughout all major Greek Supermarkets, as well as in foreign markets.


The new ‘’game changing’’ manufacturing facility of 7000m2 in Schimatari Boeotia with the latest technological equipment and the skilled staff help us move the company towards sustainability.